The Swifts Baking Background

Baking since 1863
Family Business

Baking has been in the Swift family since 1863, when Hannah Swift, great, great, great aunt of John Swift began baking in the small Staffordshire village of Wheaton Aston.

Hannah continued to run the bakery business with the help of her daughter Harriet until the time when Hannah's nephew Tom took over at the age of 19, after serving his bakery apprenticeship at West Bromwich and Stafford.

Carrying on the Tradition

Tom married and had seven children, one of which was Charles Swift, John's grandfather. After working with his father and serving in Field Bakeries during WW2, based in Mombasa, East Africa, Charles returned to carry on the baking tradition. Buying his own bakery in the small village of Gnosall, just 5 miles away from Wheaton Aston, this is where John's father, Richard was born.

A Long Baking TraditionIn 1978, Richard also got the wandering bug, and left his father's business to move to Clee Hill in Shropshire where the Swift baking tradition continues.

Fifth & Sixth Generation of BakersFifth & Sixth Generation

As time goes on, Richard's sons entered the business to further push the company forward as he had done. If there was any doubt of the Swift families future, John Swift, Richards son, has taken 5 generations of baking experience and founded Swifts Bakery Ltd in 2018, carrying on the family name, traditions and expertise in the profession.